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How to Choose between Wiley CPA Excel and Gleim Review Course March 8, 2015

Before any purchases a CPA review course, they always have questions if the review guide will actually prepare them for the CPA exam or not. If you are contemplating taking the exam and becoming a certified public accountant, you should take a careful look at all of the different courses that are out there. There are two courses that tend to stick out to most candidates: Wiley’s CPA Excel review prep course and the Gleim review guide.

First, let’s look at the Wiley course. They have done a really good job integrating all of their newly developed technology into their flagship course. The platinum course includes everything from video lectures and flash cards to useful study tips and calendars to keep track of your studying. It’s one of the most useful courses out there simply because it has everything and it is laid out in a very logical manner. Each section is broken down into bite sized learning segments, so you can remember what you are studying without going back over everything ten times.

The Gleim CPA Review Prep Course, on the other hand, is a course that allows people to utilize the largest test bank in the industry. Candidates can practice taking test questions for days with more than 10,000 multiple-choice questions available. There are also video lectures and even a short PDF about test taking strategies and ways to increase your CPA exam score by almost 4 points simply by paying more attention.

There is no clear winner here. Both of the review guides are great and will prepare you for your big day. Look at both of them and see which on will work for you.