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Is Fast Forward Academy the new CPA Exam standard? March 5, 2015

The CPA exam test prep industry goes back as far as the certified public accountant exam itself. There are many companies like Becker CPA that have been around since the 1950s and have developed a large following. Some people would even consider these companies as industry leaders or standards in the industry. The problem with that assumption is that the CPA exam test itself along with the candidates who take the test are changing. Some of the older companies can’t keep up with the changes because they have their roots so structured in the past.

That is why many people are calling the Fast Forward Academy CPA review prep course the new industry standard. Fast Forward is a newer company that was created with one purpose: to speed up people’s learning and enable them to study faster. It’s a company that prides itself in innovation and creativity in an industry that has largely embraced older models of learning. The key to FFA’s success is it’s patented intuitive approach to learning. It shows candidates what they need to learn and hides the things that they already know. This way people are always practicing problem areas rather than reviewing material that are already familiar.

Fast Forward offers a full range of course options including a complete video lecture series as well as study text, notes, a huge test bank, and even an interactive guide. Candidates will also benefit from the way the test scores and questions are organized. The system automatically suggests questions and topics that are relevant and will help explain problem areas. It’s truly a custom one size fits all review prep guide. This course is not only a leader in innovative learning; it’s a leader in the industry. The approach that FFA is taking to help candidates pass their exams is the future of professional exams. They will continue to grow and succeed because of their innovation.